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Create Free Resume
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We provide access to dozens of professional and creative resume templates with editing tools you can use directly on Free Resume

How to write a Good Resume

Some of the Important Sections of a Good Resume

Basic Information

In this section, you will write your First Name, Last Name, Profession, Experience, Address, Email, and Phone Number. You can also include your date of birth, photograph etc.


You will write a brief summary or career goal in this section. You can also include information about the job you are applying for. Futhermore, you can also include experience etc.

Work History

Any kind of work experience you have related to the job you are applying for. You con write about part-time, casual, internships, volunteer, freelancing, remote etc in this section.


Try to include all your educational qualification starting from high school and anything after that. Do include your good GPA or achievements in your education.
Note: Try to start writing from High School to Degree level


Here you will list down all the certifications you have achieved in regard to the job you are applying for


In this section you will include all the languages you can speak in or you can write. You also need to add each language profeciency (Basic, Intermediate, Expert)


This is where you mention your all your skills, like software skills, management skills, foreign language and other skills that you didn't mention before


Here you can include all the hobbies and interests you have. You can also change it as per job requirement.


In this section you can can include about current or previous employers speak best about your work ethic, Here you have to add Title, Designation, Email Address and Phone Number

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